Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for students taking advantage of the number.

All the students who want to get the benefit of the institution by registering should ensure that they are issued by the institution. The established terms and conditions are valid:

    • That’s what GRDS Is an independent organization institution.
    • In that institution, the student will pay the prescribed registration fee for his registration.
    • That the registration fee given to the institution will not be refunded in any case.
    • It is to register on the organization’s website, filling in all the information correctly and truthfully, each beneficiary has its own obligation.
    • All the information given by the student / beneficiary is true, no fact of this has been hidden in it.
    • Once that, once the registration fee is deposited, the beneficiary will be given the benefit of the institution only for the same educational allocation only once.
    • That the beneficiary will only make a registration for a subject category. If a beneficiary registers both subject matter or hides a fact or gives false information, then the registration fee will be forfeited while canceling its registration. The beneficiary will be responsible for this.
    • The beneficiary will be given information on the screening examination / entrance examination on the website of newspapers, SMS and institution, the beneficiary will have to ensure that it will be screened at the specified time date and location or on the self-appointed cyber center. Examination / entrance examination will not be given for any type of correspondence.
    • The beneficiary will be responsible for the inclusion of any kind of networking problem such as server problem page, computer failure, timely electrical problem or any other type of problem due to the failure of the beneficiary to get involved in screening examination or incomplete paper. . The institution will not be liable in any way.
    • That any beneficiary will not be involved in any criminal activity during the course of coaching or during the study of their own subject, if any beneficiary is found to be involved in any type of criminal activity then in such a situation, The profit will not be given. The beneficiary will also have to ensure that criminal activity is not involved and no criminal case is registered against the beneficiary.
    • That the beneficiary will pass all the information in the office of the institution after passing the screening examination / entrance examination and will complete the further process by presenting it in the office, so that its next process can be ensured.
    • That if the beneficiary does not complete the prescribed time-date and location after attaining the screening examination / entrance examination and after completing the criteria set by the institution, then in the case of the next procedure for the benefit of the institution, It will be impossible to give financial help due to which beneficiaries themselves will be liable.
    • It is that under the rule of reservation notified by the UP Government, reserved seats for 21% Scheduled Castes for 2% Scheduled Tribes and 27% Other Backward Classes will be reserved. If the students of Scheduled Castes are not found, then their seats will be filled with caste caste. Disability class, freedom fighter or any other type of reservation is not acceptable. Will not be given.
    • That is, only 17 IITs set up by the Government of India, to the students / beneficiaries receiving benefits by registering in the institution. Students taking admission in college are B.Tech and V.E. Apart from this, the facility will not be given for admission to any other institutions or courses.
    • It will be facilitated to only those students / beneficiaries of Medical who will be admitted to Government Seats at Government Seats in institutions established by the Government of India. This facility will not be provided to the beneficiaries who are admitted in other courses / institutes.
    • That this facility is only valid for the students of Uttar Pradesh. The institution’s facility is not permitted for students outside Uttar Pradesh.
    • That the jurisdiction of any kind of judicial / legal dispute would be Lucknow district Lucknow.


I have thoroughly studied all the information, terms and conditions of Section 1 to 17 and agree to it.


Signature / Beneficiary

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