What does GRDS stands for?

GRDS stands for Gangotri Resources Development Society and is a registered society formed with an objective to support education for all.

What is the eligibility condition for appearing in GRDS Scholarship Program?

In order to appear for GRDS Scholarship Program, the candidate should be interested to pursue his career into Engineering OR Medical and should be:

  • Enrolled in a School in Standard XI/XII and should have taken Mathematics OR Biology OR Both as his/her main course of study
  • Enrolled in a Coaching Institute for the preparation of Entrance Examination for Engineering OR Medical Institutions
  • Candidate should obtain admission to an Indian Government Institution under Engineering OR Medical studies

What does GRDS Scholarship Program covers?

GRDS Scholarship Program covers the following expenses as incurred by the Candidate during his education:

  • Prescribed Fees for appearing in the Entrance Examination for Engineering/Medical Institutions.
  • Prescribed Fees for the Coaching Institutions meant for the preparation for Entrance Examination for Engineering/Medical Institution.
  • Prescribed Fees for Hostel & Mess at the Coaching Institution.
  • Prescribed Fees incurred for Online Study Materials & Online Courses for the preparation of Engineering/Medical Entrance Examination.
  • Prescribed Fees of the Indian Government Institution for Engineering/Medical Course of study.
  • Prescribed Fees for Hostel & Mess at the Indian Government Institution.
  • Prescribed Fees incurred for Online Study Materials & Online Courses during the course of study at the Indian Government Institution.

How to enroll for GRDS Scholarship Program?

Candidate can register by simply filling the Online Registration Form at the website www.grds.org.in

Is there any registration fee for registering for GRDS Scholarship Program?

Yes, registration fee for GRDS Scholarship Program is Rs 999 (Rupees Nine Hundred & Ninety Nine Only) which is payable online.

How does a candidate shortlisted for GRDS Scholarship?

Registered Candidates are required to write an Online Scholarship Examination which shall be hosted at GRDS Website. Candidates obtaining the merit list shall be notified for their selection for GRDS Scholarship Program. The Scholarship shall be awarded ONLY if the Candidate is preparing for Engineering/Medical Institution and is interested to pursue the career in the field of Engineering/Medical domain.

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