Chairman’s Message

Being successful is to enable a smarter & intellectual community, both environmentally & socially ; being responsible for today & for generations to come.

At Gangotri Global, we firmly believe that the access to right education is the key to success and we have aligned ourselves to this mission.

Too many talented youths of the nation are being forced to curtail their education & career ambitions because of financial constraints. With our GRDS Scholarship Program we strongly believe that these extra ordinary young people can attend prestigious institutions, earn their degree and make a good impact in their profession and the community.

Statistics shows that million of students of the country are not able to attend college in this decade because of financial constraints. This is particularly disturbing at a time when jobs requiring a college degree are the fastest growing sector of the Indian economy. The GRDS Scholarship Program is created to support low-income students who are academically gifted to complete rigorous undergraduate programs and excel in their fields.

Adesh Saxena
MD & CEO :: Gangotri Global Limited

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