About Us

Gangotri Resource Development Society (GRDS) is an ISO Certified Organization registered under society registration Act 21, 1860 wide registration No 580/2017-18 working for Depressed Class Society to create Foundation for Healthy Nation.


To develop an Educated, Peaceful and Healthy Society in which every person lives with dignity and prosperity in Social Environment.
To become an Organization par excellence, providing comprehensive habilitation measures and pioneering efforts for enriching the lives of challenged individuals.


To facilitate social development and the enhancement of Health and Technology for Development social, Technical & Healthy Nation For Living and working conditions of people in the social surrounding area through Development, Relief, Education, Raising Awareness & Mentoring

To help every challenged by Dr-Er : 

  • Reaching medical and engineer assistance
  • To Develop Highly Qualified Dr-Er for social Development
  • Create a Socio Educated Trained Dr-Er
  • Equipping with appropriate Vocational skills
  • Creating necessary social and physical support infrastructure that empowers the youth to lead a life of independence and dignity in nation.

A man is never as tall as when he Kneels to work for Nation We are ready to serve our great nation with highest Competence and Confidence




To provide training for personal development to community Based Organizations and individuals to build their capacity to solve community based issues.


To strive towards equal and good quality educations by establishing community schools and to enhance the condition of Govt. school with the combined efforts of CB Organizations.


Career counseling for the students and providing guidelines For CB Organizations in their work.


To enhance the living Standards of people by establishing technical institutions and arranging funds for the poor to enable them to start small businesses.


To work on awareness regarding education, health, environment, Women’s’ Rights, sports, enhancement of living standard and other issues of concern.

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